Registration is closed for 2018!  See y'all next year!

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September 27-30 2018!   Register now!


Registration is closed for 2018!  See y'all next year!


NOTE: Children 3 and under are free.

Food (Included) and Lodging

Single:          $125

Family of 2:   $270

Family of 3:   $375

Family of 4:   $430

Family of 5:   $470

Family of 6:   $510

Family of 7+: $540

There are two options to pay:

Option 1: Pay the balance in full.

Option 2: Pay $100 (Deposit to hold your spot), and pay the rest by September 5th.

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When is it?

September 27-30 2018

Can you bring food?

No. If you have special food NEEDS please contact the camp (601-536-9012) and they will work it out.

Are pets allowed?


Are bikes allowed?


How much is the food.

The food is included in the cost.


Michael and Debi Pearl

Michael and Debi Pearl were both raised in Memphis, Tennessee, in good homes, by parents who were faithful to point them to God. Mike, a graduate of Mid-South Bible College in Memphis (now Victory University), has been active in evangelism and the work of the ministry since he was a teenager. He worked with Union Mission in Memphis for 25 years, while he and Debi also ministered to the many military families in Memphis and pastored churches. They moved to rural Tennessee where they continued in the work by holding Bible studies in local homes, which eventually led to regular meetings of the local body of believers, and by starting the prison ministry. God eventually led them into the ministry of writing on child training and family relationships, which they now feel is their life’s work and calling. In addition to the child training ministry, the work of the prison ministry, missions, Bible studies, and family life is still ongoing. The Pearls have been married since 1971, and have 5 children and 25 grandchildren (and counting!). The Pearl children have always been involved in their parents’ ministry, and in their adulthood continue to be involved in some way in ministering where they are.

Emanuel Schrock

Emanuel was raised Amish, but after his big brother Moses came to realize that salvation is by grace through faith, the whole family was turned upside-down. Emanuel came to know the Lord several years later, and later graduated from the Bible Baptist Translator’s Institute in Texas, where he met his wife Courtney. They are preparing to enter the mission field, as Emanuel is now finished teaching at The Door where he taught chronologically through the Bible using the Good and Evil illustrations. These powerpoint presentations, videos and accompanying teaching materials will soon be available as an evangelistic resource for missionaries, churches, ministries and families worldwide!

Rachel Burkey

Rachel Burkey is the Administrative Director for Created Equal. As a full-time anti-abortion activist since early 2016, she has spent countless hours in the public square debating abortion advocates and exposing the injustice of abortion. Rachel is driven by making wrong things right and bringing the light of the gospel of Christ to our godless culture. When not working to save babies, she can be found with her family on their Indiana farm, reading, or investing in her community in Columbus.

Ross Little

Phares Shirk

Phares Shirk will be sharing about the prison ministry that he and his family help with at the local jail.He will also share the testimony of his conversion and deliverance from religious bondage to freedom in Christ.



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